Thursday, February 26, 2015

WHY are British Troops in Ukraine

Can some one please tell me what the problems in Ukraine have to do with British and USA Government?  Because Cameron is sending Military advisors to Ukraine and the Yanks what to send weapons

Let us remind ourselves of what has happened in Ukraine. The original democratically elected government in Ukraine were offered a trading agreement with Russian and the EU; the government accepted the Russian agreement. This did not sit well with the EU, USA or UK and protest were orchestrated with right wing organisation. This mob attacked the democratically elected government who had to flee for their lives in any other country this would be described as a Coup but according to the EU, UK and USA this a legitimate way to overthrow an unpopular government. One wonder what would happen if this happened in the UK or USA.
Subsequently a new Government was formed form the Mob and their first act was to ban the Russian language and make other changes concerning the ethnic Russians who were a large minority in Ukraine. This led to Crimea leaving Ukraine and the Russian Ethnic Majority in Eastern Ukraine also wanted self-autonomy but the Ukrainian government did not want this and tried to take this province by military force, the Russian ethnic minority would not accept this and the freedom fighters rose up against them and so the destruction of Eastern Ukraine cities and the death of innocent people began all with the backing of the EU, USA, UK.
Putin did not want to see fellow Russian people ethnically cleansed from the region so assisted them in their defence, of course now the Western Press, UK, USA, EU Propaganda machine has labelled him as a second Hitler wanting to conquer the world. Yet the UK done the same in the Falklands they went to the rescue of British Subjects rightly so.

There is just two ways to settle the problem in Ukraine:
First The Ukrainian army bombing and killing everyone in Eastern Ukraine this obviously will not happened even if USA UK EU want it
Second allowing the people of Eastern Ukraine a referendum supervised by the UN, with simple question do you want to remain part of Ukraine or do you wish to become a separate state this could be done with out any bloodshed. If Scotland can have a referendum on Devolution why can’t the people of Eastern Ukraine?

The UK and USA made a bad mistake in Iraq and surrounding countries and the reason Isis exits is because of their meddling

NO UK Soldier should be in Ukraine and rue the day if any of our soldiers get killed. Our enemy is Isis, they are attacking our people and our Countries they must be defeated, the rest of the World must put Boots on the ground to defeat them

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