Friday, February 06, 2015

3 Degrees The Facts

At least once a week I get an email from an organisation called 3 degrees, it gives the impression that they are an Independent body with no particular political leanings. This is far from the truth if you look at the article below you will find they are very much a Left Wing Political Organisation, so be very careful about signing any of their petitions without having a good look at the content. See the article below by Nigel Adams MP

     3 Degrees: The Facts

Following an onslaught of campaigns generated by the 38 Degrees website, including pre-scripted email campaigns, posters and billboards, Nigel has looked into this organisation which claims not to be "party political".
Despite its claims to the contrary, 38 Degrees is an extremely left-leaning political organisation;
• In the 2010 General Election Campaign, 38 Degrees emailed out advice on tactical voting: ‘...The Daily Mirror has published how to vote if you’re in a key seat and your priority is to stop the Conservatives winning...’ and gave a link to the 38 Degrees website as to how to vote tactically against the Conservatives.
• Co-Founder and Director of 38 Degrees, Henry Tinsley, funded the Labour Party through the firm Betterworld.  Betterworld has given at least £125,250 to the Labour Party and £5,000 to Ed Milliband’s leadership campaign.  He gave a ‘four figure sum’ to the left wing blog: ‘Left Foot Forward’.
• Co-Founder and Director, Paul Hilder, put himself forward as General Secretary of the Labour Party in 2011 and writes policy papers for The Fabian Society.
• Director, Ben Brandzel, described himself in 2009 as ‘dedicated to the Labour cause’.
Advice or support of a similar nature has not been received by the Conservative Party, all of which makes the conclusion that 38 Degrees is a party political organisation far more plausible.
Following this information, Nigel commented;
"A lot of my constituents, and those of fellow colleagues, turn to 38 Degrees for what they think of as impartial, non-party political advice and support.  Although I fully support the principle of constituents being able to lobby their MPs on issues close to their hearts, I also think it is important that constituents understand the motives of the organisation they are doing this through.  38 Degrees does not make it clear that it is a left-leaning, party political machine and I think this is misleading to many constituents who have no way of knowing this at first glance."

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