Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Silent Witness

Why do the BBC always produce Drama with a Left Wing Luvvie slant the other day we had that ridiculous Sherlock and yesterday it was the turn of Silent Witness
For those who have not watched this programme it is about a group of Forensic Scientists who attend crime scenes.  These are not Police Officers but we are expected to believe they investigate murders and solve them. This week’s story was about illegal immigration but typical BBC the immigrants were not to blame for entering the Country but everyone else and one of the Villains of the programme was the Immigration Officer why because she was trying to catch these illegals, At one point an Illegal Girls is injured by her family our Female Scientists finds her takes her to Hospital, the receptionist rightly reports her to the Police but our Luvvie Scientist spirits her away and hides her in the Government Lab supported by her Boss. Now are we expected to believe that this would happen? If it did the pair should be sacked.
Shall I continue watching YES just so I can put holes in the programme? It is time the BBC  is either totally replaced or at best commercialized. Why should I pay a License fee to an organisation that promotes a left Wing Luvvie culture

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