Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Do we want War

I have been a Big Fan of Donald Trump he is doing a marvelous Job in the USA BUT this rhetoric he is doing with Russia and Syria is mind blowing and putting us on a possible World War 3 footing and he is supported by our ridiculous PM May. Now when Trump came into power I thought all this war mongering would stop but he may not be as bad as Obama, Clinton, Blair etc. but why is he and the UK getting involved in a Foreign conflict that is not our business, the previous Presidents and Tony Blair were all for Regime change and look what a disaster that was. This will not be like Iraq and Libya the Russians will retaliate.
What I find interesting most of the politicians, media, press are blaming Russia for the poisoning in Salisbury and now the Chemical attack in Syria but as of yet I have not seen any proof but I am one of those ignorant people who can not see the truth so I am told oh I also voted Brexit so of course I do not understand.
One thing is for sure it will not be the politicians children who go to war and get killed and for what? To brag about how tough they are, we do not back down. I hope the politicians listen to the people because we do not want a war

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