Saturday, April 07, 2018

Koran A Hate Crime Book

I like the majority of British People are concerned about the influence of Islam and how Politicians, Police and Establishment are not only supporting them but also actually encouraging them in their Islamic take over of the UK.
So I decide to read the Koran to see what is the truth about this organisation called Islam and I was shocked. The Establishment and the Left pursue people who are warning us about Islam with the excuse of Hate crime, yet no one has said anything about the Koran which is the worst book I have read about hate and violence against non Muslims
This books founder was a Warlord who beheaded hundreds of people, who enslaved captives; made sex slaves and stole all their goods as war booty. Who went on to marry a 6 years old and had sex with her at 9 years of age it western Society that would be called paedophilia, some Muslims maintain that was common many Centuries  ago but there are videos where British Muslim men say their daughters are ready for marriage at 9 to day? The book goes on to talk about slavery, killing the Kuffers (non Muslims) killing people who leave the religion, killing Homosexuals, killing women who have committed adultery. In many chapters it talks about killing Christians and Jews and the domination of the World, plus there is a lot more
This booked should be banned and people living by it should be arrested for purporting Hate Crime but nothing will happen our Politicians are so weak, frightened and absorbed with Political Correctness they will ignore anything that warns us of the dangers of Islam

My warning against Islam is not against all Muslims the local Muslims I have met which are Turkish have adapted there religion to Modern Western ways and so have the many I have met over the last 40 years travelling to the World Sambo Championships. There are journalists like Maajid Nawaz who on his LBC programme try’s to promote a modern approach to Islam that forgoes all violent rhetoric and there is Imam Mohammad Tawhidi who goes on in great detail saying no Religion of God can be violent he is a very brave man watch the link on my blog these are the people our Government, Police and Establishment should be listening to not the Clerics and Muslim Politicians who promoted the Hate Filled Koran of a Medieval Arab Warlord

If we do not open our Eyes to the Followers of this evil book we will end up with a Civil War in this country I beg all you to support people like Mohammad Tawhidi and Maajid Nawaz

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