Monday, April 16, 2018

Nasir Muhsen Muslim Thug

Read the article and you can see the type of person our Government is allowing into the Country and it is no surprise he is a Muslim. When will the Politicians start to listen to the people and stop this invasion from Islam
As I am sure you will remember Paul Golding the leader of our movement was recently attacked whilst imprisoned. It has now come to the attention of Britain First HQ that the perpetrator of this attack has been charged for his crime.
This attack was clearly permitted by the authorities as they were warned beforehand that it was going to take place.
The attacker whose name is Nasir Muhsen is a notorious criminal who has contributed nothing to this country except extreme criminality and violence.
Muhsen pictured third from left.

In 2011 he and his family were given a £6,000-a-month basement flat in a Victorian mansion block near Earls Court from the council.
After being put up in the luxurious apartment having taken asylum in the UK from Iraq, the family reportedly trashed their home and were evicted at Christmas for not paying their subsidised rent.
Muhsen, who was among those who turned over a supersave shop, was jailed for six and a half years for conspiracy to commit violent disorder and robbery.
The 16 men started a campaign of violence and disorder at in the Queensway shopping centre.
Judge Usha Karu said the two gangs had "put aside their differences in order to get together to perpetrate the more serious disorder which happened that night."
"The object was to take to the streets to cause chaos and damage and to loot," she said.
They looted a Gala casino, a branch of the shoe shop Office and a restaurant called Bumpkin before moving on to Mr. Haroon's shop and later, The Ledbury restaurant.
The raid at the two Michelin starred restaurant was captured on CCTV as a chef, armed with a rolling pin, tried to defend customers from the masked rioters.
After serving his sentence of six and a half years for his part in the crime he jumped bail during his trial for the prison officer attack at Maidstone Crown Court and a warrant for his arrest was issued.
CCTV footage of the attack on July 17, 2015, showed the prison officer leaning into Muhsen’s cell and then being propelled backward before collapsing on the floor.
“My hands had just made contact with his shoulder,” he told the jury.
“I got knocked back a fraction and then I pushed back.
“The last thing I can remember is being knocked unconscious.”
He suffered facial fractures and needed metal plates inserted.
Mr. Forster, who said he ran the prison for the governor during the day, said Muhsen, of Northolt, Middlesex, threatened other prisoners and spat at them.
He denied the charge but was convicted.

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