Friday, April 13, 2018

Time to regulate Facebook

With the Founder of Facebook under investigation and him admitting they ban people with right wing views but encourage Left wing views by admitting the majority of people in silicon valley are Lefties surely the time has come to regulate Facebook to stop their Left Wing Propaganda the story below highlights the problem. Wonder how long it will be before I am banned?
Facebooks double standards.
What is it with social media, why do they not wish our voices to be heard, why do they not want the truth to be heard, why do they allow lies and evil to thrive while restricting the truth?
A team of Britain First Activists have been doing an experiment over the past couple of weeks.
We were axed from the platform for alleged breaches of Facebook’s community standards.
So, we thought we should put Facebook’s ‘Community Standards’ to the test. Are these standards applied equally or are they simply a tool, used to silence criticism of a certain religion?
We wanted to know if the same harsh penalties would be applied when dealing with offensive posts which glorify terrorism, mock Christians and other religions.
Our team of activists have been busy reporting all the pages and posts which we found offensive, over 100 posts and pages have now been reported.
The post below was published by one of these faceless ‘Troll’ pages, it is just one of a number of posts which references the resurrection of Jesus having been hammered (drunk) on Good Friday.
This is grossly offensive yet does not violate community standards!
You compare this to patriots who have received 30 day bans for quoting scriptures of the Quran, it is totally absurd!
On every occasion that we reported offensive content to Facebook, they replied to say that the mockery of our lord and saviour, the one true king is not against their community standard.
We have also reported numerous leftist pages claiming to be Britain First, using our logo and other official Britain First material.
We would like to make it clear to all our supporters: we do not have any Facebook pages at the moment, all pages in the movement’s name are completely fake!
Facebook have given Leftist trolls free reign to attack and slander the movement knowing we have no right of reply.
I’m sorry, but evil has prevailed over good for too long, the media and political establishment are pumping out the narrative that anyone who questions Islam is a ‘racist’, this is far from the truth!
Facebook cannot continue to trample on our rights and allow these ungodly trolls to win.
We need your help! We need to fight against the ‘Silicone Valley’ companies and their censorship of conservative views.
Its clear these social media giants, just like the mainstream media, have an agenda to silence all criticism of Islam, labeling everyone with concerns as ‘racists and fascists’.
On Paul and Jayda’s release they face even more charges, this time in relation to speeches they made in Belfast.
They are also set to fight the ‘Halal Food Authority’, we must fight these cases tooth and nail!
Martin, can we rely on your unwavering support to see this fight right through to the very end?
We must fight the injustices against our people, in true Britain First fashion we will confront those who are the enemy of the beleaguered British people.
Please keep our leaders in your prayers as they continue to be held as political prisoners. Locked-up 24 hours a day in segregation, unable to mix with the general population, because our prisons are jam-packed with Muslim criminals.
13,200 Muslims means Muslims are 15 percent of all prisoners but five percent of the British population.
The persecution of our leaders has failed, our activists are counting down the days until our leaders return to th

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