Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Derek Wyatt MP & Crime

M Clarke
118 East Street

Saturday, 01 September 2007

Dear Editor

I note from the amount of articles featuring our local MP Derek Wyatt he must have returned from a long holiday or is there an election in the offering?

It is pleasing though to see his intervention in the soaring crime rates especially amongst the young, which is bringing the country to the verge of anarchy. Having read some of his ideas, although not new, does show that these young hooligans can be dealt with, although I am not to sure what he meant by “boarding element to state schools” I recently sent a letter in suggesting ways that we can stop this massive crime rate, my ideas were more prevention then cure but sadly it was not printed (I am told I write to much) but you can view it on my MartinClarke.blogspot.com

Although I congratulate Mr Wyatt, you have to admit that he and his government are responsible for this state of anarchy. When the Conservatives lost office 10 years ago did we have this epidemic of Crime NO, de we have this epidemic of Drug use NO, de we have this epidemic of Booze Britain NO, did we have this epidemic of Gang Culture NO, did we have this youth culture of disrespect for their elder and authority NO.

There are many reasons why these things have happened one of the main reasons is the introduction of the “European Human Rights Act” this act has been the catalyst for most of our ills as it continually favours the rights of criminal above those of the victim. The Labour government have been responsible for “I am not to blame” culture this attitude of not taking responsibility for ones actions is now the norm. The young thug who beats up a pensioner and who’s solicitor then try to make the excuse the thug had a bad childhood or his mother never breast fed him, the liberal minded judge who believes them and lets the thug of with a warning BUT what about the pensioner did he or she deserved to be beaten, was it he or she who was responsible for the thugs upbringing NO The Labour government and the rich lawyers and judges just consider the pensioner collateral damage. Remember fat cat Judges and lawyers get rich on crime.
Was it not this government who decided to release convicted prisoner early rather then build more prisons, who in recent report have suggested a lot re-offended again within 24 hours, why? Just so the y can save money, who would have ever believed Socialist Government would put money before the safety of its people. Money has become this Government’s God not the people it was elected to represent, take the ridiculous idea of Police Support Officer! What the country needs is more trained Police Officer even if they do cost money.

As for the Police they also have to take a lot of the blame on a recent Radio 4 News programme a Senior Police Officer would not admit to there being a crisis, it seems to me every rank above Inspector is more interested in climbing the slippery pole to promotion then worrying about crime, this governments obsession with Political Correctness, Positive discrimination in favour of Women, ethnic minority and Homosexuals has produced an inadequate, unsuccessful, under achieving Police Force (sorry Police Service) maybe time has come to employ Police Officer’s because they are best qualified to do the Job, now there would be a radical idea. Mind you the lower ranks must take some of the blame, how long does it take a PC to come to an incident? How many crimes warrant a call out or just a crime number? Mind you they are pretty good prosecuting those disgusting motorist or arresting people for defending their property or even themselves need I say more.

My England is collapsing around me not just on the crime but in nearly every respect, this is a country that panders to the worst elements in society, a country where in places you do not even hear the English language. At 57 years of age I to old to leave but what is more important I do not want to leave the time has come to take our country back.

If you are reading this I expect you will be on my blogsite, I know I have a lot of readers, with the slow erosion of democracy in this country the individual is no longer listened to. Yet through the Internet we all have a voice so why not start your own Blog put your views across you will not always get favourable replies, I know I don’t, but you do have a voice.

Yours Faithfully

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