Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Together we can make Gordon Brown listen
At the last General Election, Gordon Brown promised us a referendum on the EU Constitution but now he is breaking that promise.
He claims we don't need one because the new document is called a "Treaty" rather than a "Constitution". But it doesn't really matter what people call it. The fact is that the new Treaty is basically the same as the Constitution and it means giving away more powers to the EU.
It would create a new EU president and lead to the loss of at least 60 of our national vetoes. It gives the EU the power to make treaties and introduces a new ratchet clause that would make it easier for the EU to taken on even more powers in the future.
Just before becoming Prime Minister Gordon Brown said "the manifesto is what we put to the public. We've got to honour that manifesto. That is an issue of trust for me with the electorate." That manifesto included the promise of a referendum and it is up to all of us to make sure that he honours that pledge.
The campaign for a referendum is supported by people from all parties - in fact more than eight out of ten of Labours own voters want a referendum.
If you would like to play your part in making sure that Gordon Brown keeps his promise, then I hope you will offer your support to the cross-party "I want a referendum" campaign by signing their online petition at www.iwantareferendum.com

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