Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Immigrants increase traffic accidents

So 1/5 of all crimes are committed by immigrants, immigrants create an increase in traffic accidents> Not my words but reports in the media, in tuesday's Mail there were some interesting comments:

No surprise there, then. Yet another reason to celebrate our membership of the EU.What is not mentioned in this report is that most EU drivers in this country leave their cars registered in their home countries. This avoids the need to pay for the Motor Vehicle Licence (car tax), MOT and insurance and also allows the driver to avoid detection when caught by cameras breaking road-safety laws. Furthermore, the authorities don't check for a valid insurance certificate at the point of entry when these cars are driven into our country.- Lickyalips, Richmond, Surrey

The vast majority of East Europeans driving on our roads will be doing so illegally. Those who bring their cars here will have been here for more than 6 months and should therefore register their vehicles here and then pay their road fund tax and submit their vehicles for a MOT and if they bother with insurance it will be their inadequate Eastern European one which will be invalidated if they are permanently in the UK, but they don't and the police find it easier to ignore the problem. Others will just leave the country with their car on a booze and cruise ferry for a day and return 24 hours later so that their 6 months exemption from registering their vehicle start from scratch. They bring their old customs and habits with them which are not compatible with our customs and laws such as drink driving, illegal fishing, carrying knives etc and they belong to criminal gangs having a field day carrying out crime with impunity, again, because police shy away due to their human rights and language difficulties.

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