Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have just returned from a Caravan holiday on the Isle of Wight, while there I watch the programme “Hell’s Kitchen” I have already listed one instant on the show but the incident with Brian Dowling (I that is his name ) and Jim Davidson took the biscuit. Both are supposed to be celebrities obviously everyone has heard of the comedian Jim Davidson but the other guy is Militant Gay who won Big Brother (I have mentioned him in a previous Blog) as I am not yet brain dead I have not watched Big Brother so I did not know him. Jim, as a very UN PC comedian, and Brian, as a extremely Camp Homosexual ,working together was bound to cause friction, most probably the TV company knew this. So the stage is set, Jim has to serve some of Brian’s Camp mates who behaved in a way that irritated Jim, at the end of the services Jim said to Boxer Barry and Brian “do those shirt lifters always give that kind of look”. In the staff room afterwards Brian berated Jim for using an offensive word i.e. “Shirt Lifter”, Jim brushes him away and makes the comment as “Good As You” a homosexual rallying call. Brian went into a screaming and crying fit supported by the to silly young girls on the show, Adele Silva and Abigail Clancy saying leave him alone he is only a boy (he is 29). Why do silly young women want to defend a thing like Brian? ITV told Jim he had to leave the show for insulting Brian. At the end of the week some of the so called celebrity diners were asked the best bits of the programme at one of the Nolan sisters (the one who was in the Bill) said that moment with Brian was inspiration for millions of men the way he stood up against Jim. The next day several papers carried a large report the incident.
While this programme was on I had been reading a book called “Sniper 1” a true story of British Snipers in Iraq, who’s bravery was unsurpassed these were young men who were being killed, wounded while serving their country. I did not know whether they were homosexual or heterosexual and I did not care all I knew I felt a great sense of pride. Compare this with the disgusting behaviour of the Camp, Publicity seeking, excuse for a man Brian; he was upset because some one called him a name thanks God the great majority of Englishman are not like him. As for that Nolan women maybe in her showbiz world that type of behaviour is a sign of bravery but it is not in the real world, You can see why the UK is fast going down the pan when people put these celebrities on a pedestal

Thank fully the Public voted a real man to win the show BARRY McGuigan an ex World Boxing Champion, mid you I am surprised the PC Brigade did not have a go at him as they want Boxing banned.

Below is a comment made by a reader in the Daily Express which I think is apt

Comment No. 685403
September 12 13:49
I'm one of those people who, whilst I find homosexuality physically and morally wrong ,have many gay friends and work colleagues.However I think if you wish to go through life being theatrically camp like Brian Dowling then you should be prepared to expect a certain amount of attention coming back the other way.Indeed many of those gay friends and work colleagues believe the behaviour of Dowling and like-minded exhibitionist gays does them no favours.I mean - does anyone really find the term " shirt-lifter " THAT offensive any more.Certainly not as offensive as the term " pikey " which wasn't deemed bad enough by TV producers to have Marco Pierre White removed from the show.Double standards all round methinks.
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