Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ashley Wise is a fool

To Editor East Kent Gazette
I know you do not like my political letters but I have to take issue with Ashley Wise in his assumption that Politically Correctness is rare and that there is no Politically Correct Guardian where has he been living in the last few years in outer space, he is like an Ostrich who puts his head the sand when he does not want see anything. Let me just give a few examples

The Pudding Spotted Dick re-named Spotted Richard because a council in Wales thought it was offensive

Citizen's Advice service replaces word "blacklisting" to avoid causing offence

Police told to recruit gypsies into forces to be "more representative because gypsies are under represented in the Police

Morris dancers cancelled from school's diversity and culture show because some Morris Dancers blacken their faces as part their hundreds of years of tradition

MEPs sent guide to "Gender Neutral Language in the European Parliament" – UPDATE This means not calling some one Mr or Mrs or Senora or Senorita etc, MEPs must say "flight attendant", not stewardess; "fire-fighter", not fireman; business executive, not businessman. They are asked not even to say "man-made", but to use "synthetic" or "artificial" instead

eBay bans sale of "Escape from Colditz" game as swastika is shown on front of the box

I could go on even MP’s want stop this ridiculous PC as they are preparing a bill to bring before parliament even the Campaign Against Political Correctness ha been called in to advise new Mayor of Doncaster how he can cut Political Correctness. Yes PC is so bad in this country that their campaign group.
As for the PC Guardian it is Harriet Harman (sorry harperson) MP she has been responsible for more PC Correctness then any individual
Ashley Wise and his Nu Labour chums should hang their heads in shame for the damage they have done to this country and the latest treacherous act is the handing over of our sovereignty to the European Dictatorship without even asking the people of this country what they thought
To finalise I totally agree with what MEP Dan Hannan said as for Enoch Powell I very much doubt if Ashley Wise has read his biography let alone the River of Blood Speech, expect he just heard the ranting of his fellow Left Wing Bigots as for him agreeing that “Freedom of Speech is a democratic right” His Politically Correct World spits in the Face of Freedom of Speech

Martin Clarke Sittingbourne

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