Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cigarettes, Marriage, Greed, bring back the Sun

Cigarettes Machines in Pubs, Restaurants are now to be outlawed, I personally do not smoke cigarettes but I wonder about this Government obsession with Smokers. It is not illegal to smoke or buy cigarettes so why ban the machines? Why don’t they just have the guts and ban Smoking altogether.

The argument for marriage: Unwed parents are six times more likely to split by the time their child is five. As someone who believes in marriage I am pleased to hear this BUT how do they know? With a divorce there would be a record but being shacked up with someone there is no record!

Tory MP blasted after claiming disabled people should offer to work for less than minimum wage to get on jobs ladder. They should have listened to the whole speech which made perfect sense

How crime DOES pay: 500 legal aid barristers earning more than the PM. We are supposed to be surprised? Look at the millions those Legal piranhas made out of the Bloody Sunday fiasco

It is raining how we all wished for it a few weeks ago but now I have had enough bring back the Sun especially as we have the grand Kids this weekend

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