Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Immigrants get Tax Credits

Some weeks ago I wrote an article for the local press about the planning permission given to a local farmer for a caravan site on his land to house immigrant workers, this in itself was controversial as SBC had turned it down once and then made a U Turn. Naturally enough rumour have circulated suggesting corruption at SBC with Councillors and Officials I am not sure about that as I have always found our local Council not always making the right decision but basically honest what I find strange is the local newspapers when ever you write something that is against immigration or the EU it never gets printed as most of the local papers are owned by big companies who maybe benefit from immigration and the EU maybe they have big influence on what gets printed yet another conspiracy theory doing the rounds.

The reason I am writing one of the Councillors said the immigrant workforce would benefit the community because they would be paying taxes I answered by saying they do not have to pay tax for the first 6 months and it get worse this was the headlines in the Daily Mail

“Food parcels sent to a primary school as migrant farm worker parents keep their own children hungry in protest over benefits”

Eastern Europeans were employed locally but their contracts had run out. Consequently, their benefits were stopped. Many of the families, who had been employed in seasonal work such as fruit picking, had their benefits - including working tax credits and child tax credits to supplement their low incomes - stopped suddenly when their contracts ran out

WHY WHY were the given any credits they are not British if they cannot survive they should go back home. Once the work is finished send them home let their countries pick up the scroungers tabs or come to that all claims for in GB should be paid by their own countries. When we start reducing the unemployment benefits for UK Subjects, get them working and make greedy farmers stop exploiting cheap foreign labour

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2008837/Food-parcels-sent-primary-school-migrant-farm-worker-parents-children-hungry-protest-benefits.html#ixzz1Qb60HHXf

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