Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Jordan Wedding

Went to Trevor and Kendal Jordan's son's wedding last weekend and had a great time. It was held at  Harty Ferry Inn on the Isle Sheppey, the day was perfect Weather was great and the view over the Swale was beyond belief we still have wonderful places in Swale and on the Sunday spent some time in Minster looking over the sea another place worth visiting.
The only downfall was the Shurland Hotel Eastchurch, the hotel was relatively clean but the decor was extremely tired , the room set up was bad with a TV on top of the wardrobe. Our toilet did not work and we had to have it repaired when we were at the wedding I will say they did give us the room free. There staff were helpful and pleasant but scruffy our receptionist had bandaged hand with Jeans and company shirt hanging out the back. When will they realise putting a decent sausage out for breakfast make the breakfast so much better, the one we had looked better placed in a toilet.

But do suggest you visit the Harty Ferry Inn

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