Saturday, June 11, 2011

Do not give me the Spanish Archer

Don't give me the Spanish Archer

Spent 2 days at William Harvey Hospital Ashford been having trouble with my hands have lost a lot of use in my right hand, for those who new knew my father will remember his skelton hands turning like his. Seems the right hand is beyond repair but the left one can be fixed I crushed Ulnar nerves by all accounts quite a common thing any way they cut your elbow open and move the nerve. Went in Friday came out Saturday. Hospital not to bad but food shocking, next I have to see a shoulder specialist either to have a new shoulder or hopefully a bit of keyhole to shave away the arthritis, good job I done Sambo and Judo imagine the mess I would be in now!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some good news treated myself and val to a 2005 top of the range Caravelle biggest spend on any motor I have made but decided why not Now looking to sell my 2001 Discovery £4500 this a good motor now but bought it for £9000 and spent £6000 over the years on hope it goes to some one I know. I am in the market for a cheap pick up once I have sold the Disco anything up to £2000

All these operations make you think of the past and realised I have teaching Judo etc for 41 years founded the British Sambo Federation 25 years ago and been in charge of IBFUK for 25 years started CombatSombo 28 years ago should have kept a record of all the black belts I have trained must be in 4 figures, plus have been running Summer camp 22 years exactly the same amount of years my Dad ran it but it still feels Like Nobby's Camp and have to admit they were the best times hopefully I will run it for another 22 years my son John will have to wait So I award myself the CDM (Cadburys Diary Milk) Must not forget the Swale Martial Arts Club that was bought 33 years ago doen't time fly when you are enjoying yourself

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