Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lions led by Donkeys

I do not like this Coalition Government because I believe David Cameron has reneged on most of the important issues and promises he made at the General Election let me list them

1)   He promised to bring in a bill of British Human Rights and do away with the ECH he has not done this. His excuse is he has to work with the LibDems who favour it, yet their % of the vote was about 7. Once again the tail wagging the dog
2)   He promised us a revue of the EU even hinted at a Referendum this has not happened in fact he has given away even more power to the EU.
3)   He promised to sort out the greedy bankers; do you think he has succeeded? Well I do not
4)   He said he would curb immigration, this is on the increase
5)   He said he would increase Jobs especially for the Young; well that’s not working where are all the apprenticeships? We need to stop this attitude that if a youngster doesn’t make University they are failures! Lets be honest most Degrees are not worth the paper they are written on and that not me talking but the Institute of Directors.
6)   He said he would encourage family units and marriage Little did we know that it meant Homosexuals being allowed to marry a disgusting thought. Strange how 1.5% of the population get so much power
7)   He wanted more equality and encourage Christian ethics and morality yet his LibDem Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone wants to ban Christians wearing crosses at work, they want Positive Discrimination in favour of women, Gays, Ethnic minorities, disabled how can that be fair. It is also not fair on the groups mentioned because every time they get an important position or are promoted you think we know how they got that and certainly wasn’t on ability.
8)   Law and Order was one of his main themes yet it is becoming harder to imprison somebody and sentences are more lenient. They put the cost of imprisonment before the safety of others
I could go on but I think you follow my drift but what annoys me more then the big let down of David Cameron is when the Labour party and its members start criticising this Government lets not forget it was 13 years of Labour Rule that got us into this GOD AWFUL MESS we are in now

My one hope is the true Conservative MP’s get together and get rid of this Rubbish Prime Minister before the next election and again I will say we are lucky in Sittingbourne & Sheppy that we have good Conservative Council, A good Conservative MP Gordon Henderson and a good MEP Dan Hannan

When I look at Cameron and Clegg I am reminded of the First World saying about the British Troops “LIONS LED BY DONKEYS” a comment about the Generals of WW1

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