Sunday, April 29, 2012


I had to go to Medway Hospital the other morning for 9.30 am, using the little grey cells, I planned my journey by taking the M2 to Gillingham rather then take the chance of being late going through Newington and Rainham. My journey I thought should take about 20 minutes but thought NO will get there early so left at 8.30am. Got to Gillingham in about 15 minutes not to worry still got plenty of time so I thought. From the Tesco Roundabout it took 40 minutes to travel 2 miles if that, all I got was traffic lights and road works.
The reason I went the hospital was because of my wife Valerie who insists I snore and hold my breath, so much so she has to go to another room to sleep. Punching me in the ribs no longer works. I took a test some weeks ago and had to return for the results, it seems I stop breathing 20 times while I sleep. This I found quite a shock 20 times a night was bad NO the doctor replied 20 times an hour! So I have something called Sleep Apnea and will have to be hooked up to a machine at night. This Old Age business is not all its cracked up to be Replacement Knee and Hip, arthritis in my elbows, Diabetes which is now affecting the nerves which lead to my hands, the only thing I have left is my good looks. Believe it or believe not sometimes money falls out of my grip, the one thing about the new joints I can chase the wife round the bedroom and catch her, problem is when I caught her I forgot the reason why I was chasing her. Any rate looking on the Web getting better sleep will improve my life in general so that can only be a good thing.

Now what was I going to right about? Oh yes the benefits of being a retired International Judo and Sombo Player

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