Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter In Germany

Visit to Germany

Over Easter myself, brother Norman plus members of the family travelled to Dortmund to see relatives of my Mother. I chose Easter because it was I thought a public holiday, which it is. Yet in Germany the public holiday it is to recognise the death and subsequent rising of Jesus Christ a very important time in any Christian’s life. Nothing was open on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday of course there was the odd Kebab shop and a Zoo but nothing else. When I asked staff in the hotel why is everything closed the replied quite simply "do you not know what Easter is about? Yes I knew because when I was a boy the same was in GB and everyone knew the meaning of Easter

Over the last 25 years us in the UK have certainly slipped down the slippery slope of Secularism where everything is measured in materialism and greed. It no surprise that crime, fatherless children, women with children from many different men, drug abuse etc., etc. are on the increase in what has become a God less anti Christian Society. All this was done by governments of all colours with the idea this was advancement for the British people. Sadly it has the opposite effect and this Coalition Government is no better then the last labour Government leading us even further into a Secular Society with no Morals or Ethics

Interesting enough I have seen several changes in the way Germany is today compared when I was a boy, the thing that stood out the most was their dress sense. When I was a boy when you went out on a Sunday everyone dressed in their Sunday best not anymore they are as scruffy as us in GB but at least they know how to keep Holy Days Holy

As I said I went out to see relatives one in particular Trautchen my mothers favourite cousin who would come to England on a regular basis, she is suffering the start of Dementia and looks quite old but thank God she did recognise which made the trip worth while

My mother was Margret Schuller but her mother was a Brandt and they all lived in a 5 Story House when my Grandmother was young they even had servants. The Brandt’s were Dach Deckers  (Roof Makers) since 1664 yet all this finished with my generation cousin TILO was the last one but has since given up preferring other pastimes. The family owned the house my mother lived in and bought the house next door the same size., the houses in Sittingbourne would be worth £1.5 million. Yet we have just found out that they got into so much debt they went bankrupt and the Council took over the two houses leaving Tilo and his mother as sitting tenants. 350 years of business down the tubes just because one little lazy git was to tired to work . One occasion when I am glad my mother is not alive, this would have broke her heart

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