Friday, April 13, 2012

Busy Month

Have been on my Blog lately been a very busy stressful couple of weeks. I run 4 different Martial Arts Organisation and their membership expires on March 27th. Most renew on time this means I have to put them on a spread sheet and send out insurance renewals etc. The worst ones are those who do not renew on time trying to explain that they are not insured falls on Death ears. Some might know I have a lot of dealings with the Russians through Sombo well believe me this bunch of dictators do not have a clue about Democracy recently tried bulling me into something, needless to say they did not get their way. Plus I am taking a team of 12 to the European Sambo Championships, what a palaver getting a Visa you have to go when you were at school and that cost another £85. On top of this I was in Holland for a big tournament in March and just returned from a family trip to Germany a somewhat hectic month.

20012 a busy year end of April British Open Scotland, May Moscow, September Scotland Commonwealth Championships, October Morocco world Master, November Minsk Worlds. I also would like to go out in my caravan Isle of Wight end of June Devon September oh and I have an operation planned in June to move a nerve in my elbow so I can get full use of my hand. Not so sure I like it as busy as this

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