Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am so old fashioned for believing in morals

Funny how some TV programs get to you I watched the final part of Silent Witness, went to bed and woke up fighting and imaginary intruder. I literally mean I jump out of bed and hit things normally the wall. Val complained I woke her up.  Even though you know it is just make believe, evil still has an effect on you.

I do not watch soaps but I am somewhat sad when it comes to the Archers, something I have listened to for years. The program if you did not know is an every day story of country folk started in the 1950’s to pass on farming information. In latter years it has had some modern trendy writers and the story lines have been Racial Attacks, Drugs, Alcoholism, queer and gay landlords, A I for single women, suicide, senile dementia and so on. In Ambridge nearly everyone goes to Church, must be the only Church in GB full on a Sunday, it is obviously a C of E church. The vicar is quite young his first wife died, he was married to a black lady and has a half-caste child, the reason I mention this is that it fits in with the modern attitude of the C of E of all inclusive He has now married Hindu women. Now all this I can take but it is how the C of E tries to be modern and go with modern trends instead of sticking to their fundamental beliefs.
The recent story line has his 19-year-old daughter living with him; she has decided to go way for the first time to hotel with her new boyfriend of just a month. Now instead of father the Vicar saying this is wrong the church says sex should be within marriage NO he actually asks for blow-by-blow details of the weekend. I was no angel when I was young man mind you I did not have many liaisons as I was 17 when I met Valerie and Girls were not so free and easy in my day they had a lot more respect for themselves. My point is the Church should be there like a beacon warning us of immorality and its dangers instead they are encouraging it just so they can be seen to be With It. I am pleased to say I am RC


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