Saturday, November 28, 2015


Many of us believe the BBC is political motived and it has a left wing agenda in its programme making. RUBBISH I hear you say, well lets look at there latest Police Drama “Cuffs” it revolves around basically 5 police Officers 1 Homosexual, 1 Lesbian, 1 Black , 1 Muslim with headscarf and 1 Fat man and this is supposed to be a programme representing the UK Police Force. Now you try and tell me this programme is not about Social engineering?  Why in the modern world do we have to still pay a license fee for TV Stations? Even if you never watch BBC you still have to pay for the service, time for it to become a subscription based TV Service and offer fair competition to the other Broadcasting Companies. If that happens at least we will get away from the Left Wing PC brigade who dominate the BBC and who get huge amount of money as well all paid by the TV License

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