Sunday, November 15, 2015


I attended the World championships in Casablanca, did not get much of a chance to sight see because the Comps was over 3 days and I also had to attend meeting but it is City of contradictions. It is Muslim country yet brews its own beer and makes their own wine which I might add are very good, the people here dress as Europeans or in traditional Moroccan attire i.e. head scarfs yet I only saw three women with the full Burka, there are more in Chatham. I never heard any calls to prayer and only saw one person praying. Speaking to the locals they are quite tolerant of other religions and the way you dress. So why do we have the Muslim Fanatics in England claiming their way of life is the only true Islamic religion? Interesting enough when the day after the atrocities in Paris the Worlds had a minute silence where everyone stood up including all the Muslim Countries present except for about Moroccan Work man who remained seated, do not know whether there was a breakdown in communication but what ever it was it did not look good.
Driving in this country is a nightmare and to cross the road is a hazardous event, and if you drive in a Red Taxi which are the size of a Fiat Uno you will have a near death experience. On hailing a Taxi you get in give your destination and argue a price, the you are off but what you are not expecting is the Taxi to stop and pick up other passengers sometime so many they sit on each other laps.
They certainly have not heard of Health and safety , I saw to men working on a Multi Story building, they had a plank on the top of the building which was attached a long rope this in turn was attached to a platform at the bottom of the building where a workman was standing on with no safety rails. Another workman physical pulled the Platform up the side of the building so the worker could repair the walls. One wonders how many survive

They certainly enjoy a good drum bashing oh and by the way while writing this article the chair has collapsed but I am OK will not have to sue hotel unless they charge me for chair

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