Sunday, November 08, 2015

C of E and Canon Jeremy

You can understand why the Church of England is losing its congregation when it does not abide by scriptures. I refer to the case of Canon Jeremy Pemberton who entered into a Gay marriage after expressly be told it was against C of E teachings, he went ahead and had his license revoked i.e. he no longer a paid cleric with the C of E. He has been a vicar for over 30 years so was well aware of the Churches Teaching so in my mind they right to sack him. If you worked for a Company and signed an agreement that restricts you from doing certain things you should not complain if you break the rules. Not for Canon Pemberton because he is homosexual he thinks he is above the Church and has taken the C of E to court but lost his case although he is about to appeal. This has cost the Canon a lot of money (one must ask where does a vicar get that sort of money)  and it has cost the C of E a lot more . If the Canon was a true Christian he should realises he broke the rules i.e. committed a sin and ask for forgiveness. The money spent on this case could be used for feeding the homeless, it seems being a C of E vicar is all about Money and Power for those who believe in the message of Jesus Christ this must suggest that these people have succumbed to the sin of selfishness
 So I agree with the C of E but hang on they are hypocrites and deserve to lose the case why? Because a vicar in London and a member of the Church Synod is married to another man yet he has not lost his license to preach. I still cannot get around the fact that people of the same sex can marry I have only just got used to the fact they have abnormal sexual habits. (Habits a religious joke) So what’s good for the Goose is good for the Gander or should I say what’s good for the Gander is good for the Gander
C of E panders to modern fads rather then sticking to the Bible yet Ruth Gledhill from the web site Christian Today suggest that most Christian Churches main resource is the Bible which todays society no longer think is reliable Now correct me if I am wrong is not the Christian Religion not based on the teaching of Jesus Christ and the new testament?  If you get a Christian Web site proclaiming that sort of heresy can you wonder out of the 57% of  the UK proclaim to be Christians but 40% did not realise Jesus even existed.  The majority of historians all agree that Jesus existed they may not believe he was the Son of God but he did exist

So why do all Gay people and their supporters think they are above the rest of us why do they think they should have special treatment? Take the recent Gay Challenge over a Gay Catholic Priest who was living and sharing the bed of another Homosexual; The Cry was the Pope is homophobic, yet the truth is a Catholic Priest has to remain celibate so he can not have a relationship with a women either apart from the sin of being a practising Homosexual he was actually defrocked for forgoing his vows. Yet NO that did not matter it was because he was Gay

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