Monday, November 02, 2015

Do I Believe

Although I do not preach to people about my Christian Beliefs, I do sometimes mention it in my Blogs. As soon as I do that the Atheists and Militant Secularists attack me and you normally get “Martin and his invisible friend” this does not worry me especially because none of them can explain the start of everything some suggest the Big Bang but then to have a Big Bang there must have been something to make the Bang? I have used the word Militant Secularist deliberately because these are normally the people who want to ban all religions. Secularism in itself is not such a bad thing in some instances. I happen to agree that a Religion should not run a country for instance why should we have Bishop in the antiquated House of Lords? A secularist Society must be a tolerant one not the sort of Society that wants to ban peoples thoughts and morals.

A recent report on the radio said that those who believe in Christianity has fallen, that does not surprise me as we are moving to a society that believes in the Selfishness of ME. ME is where your only thought is about oneself perpetuated by the likes of Militant Secularist and Atheists, yes you occasionally get groups who want to save some thing or other but I wonder how many even do that for ME i.e. I help save some thing and I feel good and superior to those who do not.

The reason I have brought this subject up is whenever there is a tragedy like the Police Office being Killed, the youngster being knifed who is there first to help the bereaved?  The Church. Where do the memorial take place?  The Church. Yes less and less people attend Church Yes more people say they do not believe. Yet when the worst happens most turn to God in spite of what is said by the unbelievers

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