Monday, November 23, 2015

Vals Birthday Eastbourne

Hotel Veiw

With my wife’s Birthday falling on November 21st I thought I would treat her to a couple nights in a Hotel in Eastbourne, sadly the weather was so cold and wet we spent a lot of time in the Hotel. Our Hotel was the Oban a slightly dated Hotel but was run by a pleasant young couple, it was clean and we had a room over looking the sea would certainly use it again.
View from Hotel

So we took a steady drive down on the Friday, driving of motorways can always be pleasant and you see a lot more of the Countryside My own Car was in for repair so I had to borrow my son’s little Vauxhall not a bad little drive but get in and out of it was a nightmare definitely not meant for someone my size. Farm Shops have become all the rage in the last 10 years so when we came across the Eggs To Apples Farm shop we had to have a visit. It was a very pleasant shop serving a nice cup of coffee, so if you are ever in Hurst Green East Sussex pop in and have a look

Eastbourne is full of Hotels as mentioned we used the Oban a pleasant Hotel and I booked a room over looking the sea. I our hope was to have a walk along the beach and see the Pier but the weather was so cold the best we could do was have a couple of photos over looking the beach.

 we also visited the Museum of Shops in Eastbourne. This museum showed lots of articles from the past 150 years it was surprising how many we recognised, Babycham, CherryB,  Blackjacks, Weights, etc then there were old Radios, TV's, Vacuum cleaners etc. Two products from the past maybe frowned upon today they were Omo and Camp Coffee, I had visions of Julian Cleary drinking Coffee whilst doing his washing.

 Friday night we dine out at Belgium Restaurant enjoyable with some interesting beers and on the Saturday we went a brilliant Thai Restaurant. The Thai meal was good but the following morning my blood count for Diabetes was up by 2 points, so something else I will have to forgo in the Future
On the Sunday as it was a nice day we travelled to Hastings and bought some fresh fish. I am not sure what is happening to Hastings but nearly every other building had scaffold, mind you the town certainly needs a revamp.
Any way a good weekend and I need to take Val out every now again just to keep her active and fit, it recharges her batteries as she has to look after me and that is some feat 

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