Saturday, January 16, 2016

Transexual and Archbishop

This Archbishop is obsessed with Gays as is is the C of E not only obsessed with 1.5% of the population but overtly racist they consider that the African Church does not understand the true meaning of Christianity. Maybe if they spent more time on the Homeless in this country amongst other things they would not see a rapidly falling congregation unlike the Catholic faith which is seeing an increase
Here is a couple of comments from the article:

FictionFighter, The Funny Farm, United Kingdom, about 15 hours ago
No one forces these people to join the church, and not being able to get married in a church isn't discrimination. Christians deserve a place where they can worship by their standards and beliefs without 'the world' imposing their views onto them. Why don't the feelings of Christians matter? Welby doesn't deserve to hold such a position as Archbishop, get rid of him.

ReadPolitical, Glasgow, United Kingdom, about 15 hours ago
You CANNOT rewrite the Bible to suit yourself.

This is a must read yet again a minority dictating to the majority with the usual political help. Just because you wear women clothes doesn't make you a women if you have a Penis and testicles underneath the skirt. the same goes for a women who wears mens clothing if you have a vagina and a womb  you are a women. If you have an operation to remove your male organs but do not have a womb are you truly a women? This committee is there to justify the existance of Maria Miller MP who according to the article was involved in the MP's expenses scandal

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