Monday, January 25, 2016

Russian Spy and Polygami

There is no substantial Proof that the Russian Government was involved in the killing of of Alexander Litvinenko. A man who was a spy for a Russia who turned traitor to his own Country and then given a GB passport. 328-page document supposedly  confirmed that this British citizen — a former Russian security service colleague of Vladimir Putin given political asylum here — had been murdered in London by two Russian agents flown in for the purpose. It also set out how this assassination, using polonium from a Russian state nuclear reactor, had ‘probably’ been authorised by Putin himself. All of this supposition, they have no physical proof. What annoys me more is the Hypocrisy of those involved in the report are we expected to believe our own Secret Service are lily white NO OF COURSE NOT and why should they be espionage is a dirty business. How much has been spent on this report? which only alienates the Russian People and its Government who I might add are our allies against Dia-ash. The man was a spy and a traitor "Those who live by the Sword die by the Sword"

This should not come as no surprise, when Gay Marriage was allowed under the so called "Equality" the whole concept of Marriage would change for the worse. I said at the time next will be the legal acceptance of Polygamy, Bisexuals being allowed to marry a male and a female and eventually family members will be allowed to marry. Am I talking rubbish? how long before some one goes to the Human Right Court and says it is my human right to marry who I want. Can we look to the future where a person can marry their pet? Completely stupid but 50 years ago who would have thought 2 men would get married and the term Husband and Wife would change to Husband and Husband of Wife and Wife

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