Monday, January 18, 2016

C Of E just an extension to popular culture

Welby says sorry to gays for 'hurt' caused by church

What a strange person the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Church of England are they discuss at lengths the acceptance of Gay Marriage and then apologise to the Gay community for the hurt they have caused. Yet there was no apology given to the persecuted Christians throughout the World who are being tortured and murdered throughout the World what is the C Of E and the Archbishop doing about them? No they rather spend all their time discussing 1.5% of the population who have abnormal sexual preferences and what about the Homeless in the UK how many of their Churches and properties have been given up to help them? The Church Commissioners manage the historic assets of the Church of Englandworth £6.7 billion. The portfolio of assets includes stock market investments, and commercial, residential and rural property investments. Ask how much money is given to the poor and needy?
The C of E have a racist attitude to the African Countries treating them as Colonial Subjects who do not understand the true meaning of Christianity. One must ask the question who has the true faith Africa or the West who want to appease and be part of popular culture.
The Gays continue to say this is about equality no it is not its is about a very small minority trying to control the majority plus lefty Bishops continue to say Gay marriage is about equality for LBGT yet they have not campaigned for marriage for Bisexuals i.e. they can marry both partners this takes us on to Polygamy why should the church not recognise that as well? When the Government allowed same sex marriage they opened a Pandora’s box.

The C of E so should concentrate on the important issues Gays have more then extra rights

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