Thursday, January 28, 2016

Its a dogs life

I decided to have a walk around Albany Road Recreation Ground Sittingbourne also known as Sittingbourne Rec. I expected it was constructed in the early 1900’s as boy in the 1950’s it was one of the towns focal points. It had a play area for kids, Toilets, a pavilion with a Thatched Pavilion and course the obligatory Park Keeper who would shout at you when you rode your bike across the rec. Most of that has gone and now we have football pitches and large play area for kids.
One thing I did notice all the benches on the Park Road side of the rec have been removed was there a purpose for that?  It was also nice to see some squirrels (tree rats) scampering about. I like squirrel I tried them at a Restaurant in Canterbury and before you ask they do not taste like chicken
The Rec is a favourite spot for dog walkers who might add are the responsible type. Most were small dogs that answered to names like Doodoo, Fluffy and babee, when accompanied with a man and women babee would told to catch up with Daddy. I had this strange vision with Daddy and Mummy getting married with daddy holding Mummy’s paw and putting a ring on the tail.  These dog walkers are friendly people often speaking to other dog owners and making strange noises to each other’s dogs.

I felt out of place so I bent down to stroke a small dog but hesitated and said to the women near the animal  “does your dog bite” she answered “No” so as I went to stroke the animal it bit me I said” you said your dog does not bite” she said “that’s not my dog”. Then I realised I had to go as I had entered another dimension

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