Monday, January 25, 2016

No to Immigrant Children

So now we are expected to take in thousand of Kids from Calais are we expected to believe thousands of these kids ranging for 4 to 12 have travelled alone RUBBISH. This is a con invented by Left Wing agitators in Calais. Last week the British Government allowed 4 Syrians into the country because they had family in the UK, so lets imagine we let these Kids into the UK within months there parents aunts uncles brothers sisters cousins etc. will all claim the right to live in the UK so a few thousand will become Tens of Thousands.
This also does not take into consideration the fact we do not have the housing, foster parents for these children and Social Services are stretched to the limit
Before all the bleeding heart brigade call me callous and uncaring ask the question why has France not taken care of these children or other countries who’s borders they supposedly crossed by themselves? What about Germany they have welcomed and housed many of the immigrants these children could be put with families who are already housed and have the same culture
The death and distress of these children can not be blamed on them but on parents and others who took them across a dangerous sea from a safe country  maybe if the Arab World had taken care of these people of their religion many would be still alive

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