Tuesday, April 19, 2016

EU Patriot of British Traitor

I still have doubts that we will leave the EU because the fear campaign led by the Pro EU seems to be effective even if it does not make sense just read Michael Gough’s giving reasons why we should leave. Anyone with half a brain can see we will become a County Council with no power if stay in the EU which will eventually become a United States of Europe.
So who wants to stay in the EU? Most pro EU Politicians like Cameron etc. are looking for a future working for the EU can you remember Tony Blair who wanted to become EU President or the Kinnocks who it is said have become Millionaires because they became EU Commissioners, Peter Mendelsohn EU Commissioner so these are only pro EU on self interest. The same goes with a lot of the Multi National Companies who can get cheap labour from the EU and get EU grants the same with some of these groups who want to promote Animal Welfare, Air Pollution etc. who want to stay in the EU why? Simple they get big grants from EU again self-interest . It has been said some of the Major Companies have sent letters to their employees advising their staff to stay in the EU as they may loose their jobs this is not advice it is blackmail.
The most important thing about leaving the EU is one of self-determination for future generations; NO government should impose something on a future generation, which they cannot escape from. Those who vote to stay in the EU may classify themselves as EU Patriots but the are British Traitors.

This Government and its EU supporters will do anything to stay in the EU which will include lying, if they win the EU referendum because of Lies and fear they will have caused a massive rift within the British People tantamount to the affects of a post Civil War this can only be prevented if we leave the EU

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