Friday, April 01, 2016

White Zulu's

I love the Canadian Murdoch mysteries but tell me I know Canada is very PC but was Toronto in the late 1800’s early 1900’s so integrated with Black
Assistant Doctor Murdoch
People as the Programme suggests or is Canadian TV like British TV and Cinema trying alter history to suit their own Left Wing PC agenda. Is it trying to re write History instead of stating the truth. Not is it just a way to try and alter History it is very insulting to Black people to suggest they were treated as equals in late 1800’s in Canada, this is far from the truth. Black people back then were treated as 3rd Class citizens; although the slave trade had finished they were still seen, as sub humans not fit to be the same as white people or even drink and eat in the same place. Black People had to fight hard to be accepted especially on the North American Continent right up to the 1960’s in the Deep South they were still segregated. E

Beowulf Tribal Leader

ven now organisation like the Ku Klux Klan still exists. In the 2012 the London  Olympic Games Opening was no exception to idea of trying to alter History if you remember the scene when the Chimneys rose in the late 1800’s it show Mill owners being Black absolute rubbish and untruthful. Lets not forget the ancient Anglo Saxon Poem of Beowulf which was turned into an enjoyable TV series but where in ancient Britain would you have a Black Tribe and Asian Tribes and of course then we have the TV series MERLIN with Black Knights in the Court of King Arthur Lets hope if they remake the film ZULU they do not show white Zulu tribesman

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