Saturday, April 30, 2016

Child Poverty

Child Poverty

Left Wing Pro EU organisation like the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Huffington Post are bleating on that we have over 3 million children in Poverty in England WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH we may have a lot of people who are hard up but Millions who do not eat NONSENSE . They say Children are going to school with no breakfast? Have they asked that it is most probably it is bad parenting, how much does it cost to have a couple bits of toast or a bowl of porridge?
What we need is what is defined as Poverty I can not find a definitive answer on the Net but I did find one on OXFAM sit which says “We believe it is unacceptable that over 13 million people in the UK do not have enough to live on” what in Gods name does that mean?  If I earned £100,000 a year but because I have very expensive tastes I live beyond my means does that mean I am in Poverty? All those I found on the Net were organisations that had a vested interest in so called Poverty and that is money.
Now many people and I can change our minds if they come up with say a 100 examples of people in poverty and let us examine their lifestyles so we can decide whether it is poverty or budget mismanagement

There is a group in our society that is in real poverty that is the Homeless on our streets. These are the forgotten by organisations like Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Huffington Post, local Council and government. Forgotten because these organisations prefer to support Illegal and Legal immigrants some of those Left wing organisations want to allow all immigrants from Calais into the country to the detriment of our own homeless.

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