Thursday, April 07, 2016

Martin a Honey Monster

At my son's wedding there were many photo's taken and they were all very nice. Except for me as I look like a Honey Monster.What is annoying I am diabetic and very strict on what I eat, drink and train being an ex International Judo/Sambo player I have the discipline to keep to diets but just can not lose weight. My blood pressure is OK as is my Blood sugar levels, my weight 23 st 7 lbs. I am told to visit a Dietician about gastric band which I did he then said Mr Clarke you are big muscular man and yes if you can lose a stone but a gastric band band would not benefit you. So I walked out very happy
So why I am I relating this personal story to you? Well before I saw the dietician my doctor contacted the NHS about a Gastric Band and after my consolation with the Dietician I received a letter from the NHS stating that Anyone over the age of 65 will not be allocated a Gastric Band. OK I did not need one but what if I did since when does the NHS put an age limit on people requiring medical treatment? I have contacted my MP and made a complaint to the NHS this was over a month ago, their latest correspondence tells me they are still looking into the matter. The NHS needs a massive shake up and that does not mean throwing money at the problem

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