Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Letter from John Barrett

From John Barrett

History will tell you the Labour party always spends more than they take in and the Tories have to balance the books how ever much it hurts, benefits for those who needs them I have no problem about that, but a minimum of £26,000 a year for some its painful to take from a hard working person who in 50 years of working has not claimed any unemployment benefits and only £3. 8 shillings in sick pay when I was 19 yes in old money, sort out the leg swingers and make the migrants wait for 3 years before paying out benefits, as much as you feel sorry for their plight this is a small Island and this will never stop until standing room only. Maggie Thatcher stood up to people how ever unpopular it made her. Out of the EU it did not work for the Soviet Union so how do the the faceless EU commission un elected bureaucrats think it will work, its an expensive gravy train for these people who were not elected so cannot sack them where is democracy gone its dictatorship just like the Russian politburo. Lets have the books signed off after all we have waited for 20 years to have them signed off only a small matter, then we can find these non existent olive groves and other hidden gems that we pay for. Its a waste of money vote out. Still a free kebab on offer for anyone who has seen or heard from Angela Merkel or heard from Well that's my weekly rant over still the same shit just a different day

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