Saturday, August 06, 2016

Seasalter and Judo

Val with Kids

Took the Grand Kids to Seasalter Beach, this beach is not spoilt by modern tourism all you get a pebbled beach one small café and a shop.
Seasalter brings back memories of my youth back in the 1950’s my Mum and Dad would take us down there on their motorbike and sidecar an old Panther shaft driven bike. It was great, picnic on the beach and on many occasions we would go with a group of friends mainly from Judo all on motor bikes well accept for the Spalls who had a car.
Val posing 

Many of you will not know in 1962 there was a big demonstration of Judo at the Albert Hall all the demonstrations were given by top Japanese Masters that was with the exception of the demonstration of Ju No Kata and that was performed by my Mother Margret Clarke and Joan Spall the only No Japanese to perform at the event.

So what has that got to do with Seasalter well every time we went to this beach my mother and Joan Spall would practise the Kata very much to the embarrassment of us youngsters. Thinking back to those early days of Judo one wonders what the other people on the beach were thinking. Life was a lot simpler then as was entertainment. A trip to the beach in those days was an inexpensive day out

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