Sunday, August 14, 2016

John Apps at Homing

Grandson Harry in charge of the Bar B Q

One of the best things I have ever done was to buy a Static at Homing Park Seasalter. Already we have had John his wife Rebecca his sons Lewis and Harry visiting plus let not forget Susan, George and Poppy also my old mate Alan Kontozi assembled one of my storage bins and brought it down This weekend Val’s Brother John Apps spent the night with us the Club listening to live music. John lives for 8 months at another Static park in Seasalter the rest of the year he stays in Gambia.
Val with brother John and of course windmill

Our Touring Caravan was on a seasonal pitch at SeaView Swalecliffe the one thing I like about that was I could go for a swim every morning from 8am till 9am my bit of training while in the caravan here at Homing I have had to have an alternative. So my training week is as Monday to Thursday at home 10 minutes stretching 45 minutes Static cycle and rowing machine alternate days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10 minutes stretch 30 minutes using wrist weights and bull worker. Not the training regime of my competitive days but just as important as I get older to keep myself in trim

One of the crosses I have to bear like many others is type2 diabetes if you are strict on your diet and fitness you can keep it in check in fact you lead a healthy lifestyle. I never really looked at the cost of my medication but recently I had a new insulin injection subscribed which cost £100 per pen so
the chemist tells me. So you can imagine the cost of Diabetes to the nation no wonder the Government want us to have a healthy diet and life style
Was that a smile from me?

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