Sunday, August 14, 2016

Trump v Clinton are polls right?

Trump v Clinton

I am not a US Citizen so the outcome of the Presidential Election is not up to me. Under our system we do not vote in a President thankfully, we vote in a Party and the winning party form a Government and the Prime Minister. I do like the US system where they have two Chambers both voted in by the electorate rather then the corrupt House of Lords, which no one votes in. Interestingly they abandoned the Hereditary Lords in favour of a system where selection is by interested parties  which made it completely partisan. At least with the original system the Lords Chamber did not have any allegiance to political parties or individuals but the time has come for the Lords to go and new chamber started and its members voted in by the electorate.
Most say Clinton will win I personally think this will be a disaster as she is liar, cheat, and member of a political elite. More importantly she is a danger to the security of the World and along with UK and EU. Her attitude to Russia helped by the UK and EU could lead us to a world War plus she is also in the pocket of Saudi Arabia who actively supports Isis and the Taliban remember Bin Laden was a member of the Saudi Elite. If she wins the only hope for the USA is that there is a massive Republican majority in the House of Representatives who can block some of her legislation. 2 disastrous Presidents on the trot would be disastrous for the USA.
Yet Trump seems to be a man who opens his mouth before he thinks and any sensible people do not believe that he will carry out some of his controversial policies. The thing in his favour he is not part of the Political Elite but neither will he make a good President. The US public like the British public have had enough of the Political Elite and establishment running the Country so a vote for Trump and a win could change the political scene.
This election reminds me a lot of our own EU Referendum where the remain campaign (Clinton) were using every lying devious ways to get us to remain, the establishment, political elite, every political party with exception of UKIP, Multi Millionaires, BBC, many reporters, foreign politician remember that terrible Obama telling we should stay in or we would go the back of the Queue, Celebrities, Mega Rich (Branson) etc. all wanting us to stay. Even the polls said remain would win just as the polls are saying Clinton will win. YET WHAT HAPPENED the British people said enough is enough and we voted out could this in the USA where people power takes control?

One of the biggest brag the US says anyone can become President NO you have to be Mega rich to become President I could never see a John Major type who was from a humble beginning become President. Does the ordinary US Jo Public ever get  anyone who really representing them?

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