Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Record total of gay athletes at Olympics

Once again the Gay Mafia this time led by Gay Magazine Outsports have tried their best to twist the Olympics into a Gay Propaganda event. When you watched the Olympics did any of you say “I wonder if they have abnormal sexual desires” No of course not all you saw was an elite athlete, so why do Magazines like to try and suggest Gay athletes are superior? They brag that this the largest amount of Gay Athletes competing How do they know? To my knowledge nobody has asked in the past. Did you know 11544 athletes competed in the Olympics so with just 49 Gay athletes this is just 0.43%
This report is insulting to Gay People as they are being separated from the rest of the athletes just because of the Political desires of the Gay Lobby.
The Olympics Games used to be about Elite Athletes irrelevant of Ethnic origin, Religion, and Sexual Orientation that now has ceased to be .

Record total of gay athletes at Olympics boosts Brazil’s homosexual community
With the largest total of openly gay athletes participating, 49 according to Outsports magazine

The only comment about Homosexuals in the Games was made against Tom Daly who bombed out, a tweet was circulated because he became a Homosexual made him fail. My own personal opinion is that is ridiculous I cannot see having an abnormal sexual relationship with man can affect his performance. What I do believe when he came out as a Homosexual he became the focus of the media and took on celebrity status and his concentration on his Celebrity image and career took precedent over his training but that could have happened if he was heterosexual

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