Thursday, August 04, 2016

KCC support Westland's Bullying?

Bullying at Westland’s

I have now had replies from two sources MP Gordon Henderson and Ofsted. Our MP’s staff has replied the following:

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your further email to Gordon about your concerns about Westland’s Academy, he has asked that I respond on his behalf.

Having read your account I would urge your friend to contact the police. If he is unhappy in any with their response then he can, of course, contact Gordon directly.

Similarly, if he has a complaint against the head teacher he should raise this in the first instance with the Chairman of the Swale Academies Trust. Details are on the Trust’s website. Again, if he is not happy with the Trust’s response to his complaint then Gordon would be happy to follow up.

This advice is very sensible but the Swale Academies Trust never replies, if you have concerns then go through the process if still no joy contact Gordon Henderson I know Gordon and know he will help if he can.

I have had two responses from Ofsted the latest is printed below, in the first reply there was a very interesting paragraph:

The information you have provided includes specific concerns of a safeguarding nature. It is important to understand Ofsted does not have the legal jurisdiction to investigate such matters. This responsibility falls to the police, NSPCC and the local authority. Ofsted has contacted the local authority to advise them of your concerns. The local authority has advised us that they are confident in the school’s management and the concerns will not be investigated further. If you would like to discuss this further please contact the local authority directly.
The Authority is Kent County Council they have not replied to my complaint and have told Ofsted that Westland’s is OK, so KCC is OK with Bullying what an organisation and puts its head in the Sand to bullying. Will anyone do anything about Bullying at Westland’s before some one is injured badly and when will the CEO be held responsible for his actions

Dear Mr Clarke

Name of School: Westlands School

Ofsted reference: CAS-362198-PDD7DX

Thank you for sharing your concerns about the above provider. Ofsted takes this information seriously and will make it available to inform the inspection planning process of the school’s next inspection.

Your correspondence has been passed to Ofsted’s Complaints about Schools team to review. The team will establish whether Ofsted can consider your complaint further and aim to respond to your complaint within 30 working days of the date of this acknowledgement.

If your complaint contains information which Ofsted feels raises concerns of children not being safe, we have an obligation to forward your complaint to the respective local authority, without delay. This is so the appropriate agencies can consider the concerns.

During the review of your complaint, the school, its board of governors and other organisations may be contacted. If you wish to remain anonymous in this correspondence please inform the Complaints about Schools team as soon as possible by emailing or phoning Ofsted quoting the above reference.


Kirandeep Kahlon
Ofsted - Applications, Regulatory and Contact team
Telephone: 0300 123 4666
Ofsted on Twitter at:

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