Wednesday, August 03, 2016

CEO Swale Trust is Teflon

Below is article I wrote on Facebook few days ago see the comments especially the last comment about the CEO. This man name crops up time and time yet he is never investigated WHY?

More Problems at Westland’s
I have now put 2 articles on Facebook and on my Blog concerning Bullying at Westland’s School the two articles attracted over 220 comments mainly about students been bullied. Now I have just been told about a dangerous case of bullying. A friend of mine son’s was threatened with a knife and was encourage by a friend of the attacker to knife him or in the words of the boy “Shank Him”
Needless to say he went to see the Headmaster Mr Cox who responded that they never had a knifing in the School and the knife was only a fishing knife. The father retorted a knife is a knife and can still kill, the father went on to ask about the boy who said shank him. The Head said that this boy has psychological problem and he fantasied about violence and would draw pictures of people being stabbed in the eye. He was only a fantasist, yet nothing was done about him. My friend got extremely angry and threatened to contact the Police, the reply was go ahead who cares. He stormed out the Office but sadly did not contact the Police.
Now my information is second hand but my friend is prepared to give his name and the names of the two boys if the school deny this. It time the School took responsibility of the safety of their pupils. Sorry to say the Schools Management never respond to these accusation
When will Ofsted and other authorities start to investigate the Management of Westland’s which has major problems and that has to be due to bad management, the person responsible for that management is Jon Whitcombe CEO Swale Academies Trust, I am in no way connected to Westland’s or the Trust but one has to ask the question is the CEO position in the Trust still tenable?
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Paul Lewis Why is this on Facebook, but has not been reported to the Police ? Get your priorities right people, The POLICE are paid to prevent and detect crime, Facebook only serves to publicise it !
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Marc Stelfox It's about time parents started to take responsibility for their kids actions instead of expecting everyone else to parent them. Bullying has always, and always will be present and is nigh on impossible to eradicate. I know first hand the lack of respe...See more
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Martin William Clarke It is the management of the school who are at fault as well as the bullies parents. I agree parents should take responsibility but we in a society where everyone else is to blame
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Pete Mandy Obrien I had the police up the school about my child, Mr Cox spoke to them and stopped them from talking to the bullies. I have been up the school and seen police walking round the school after something went on at Westlands. Martin iv sent you pm.
Pete Mandy Obrien Think you will find Mr Cox is is on the board of governors so its no good complaining to them. I tried to record a meeting i had with him once he refused to go ahead with meeting if i record it. To me i would say he had something to hide.
Martin William Clarke Of Course they have something to hide I sent this report to Newspapers, Mp. Leader of Council KEC Department of Education Ofsted see what happens?
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Pete Mandy Obrien I would talk to the papers after the way my child has been treated by the school, my daughter would ring me if she had problems, the teachers started on her for ringing me when she was being bullied, one time a teacher told my child there are other schools you can go to. They have a sort of safe room there my child could go to but the bullies would still get to her in there.
Cathryn Bunyan I went to school with a lad years ago who was quiet, but had clear psychological problems and would draw pictures fantasizing about killing and murder I later heard from another school friend. He then went on to plan and actually murder one of his frie...See more
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Martin William Clarke A 7 year old does not not know or understand what a homosexual or lesbian really is. The Gay people in this country is 1.5% yet the state including school want you to highlight there cause yet the protection of School Children from Bullying is ignored
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Martin William Clarke Paul Lewis Do the Police do anything. You are right Facebook does publicise problems which is good How many Newspapers etc have publicised the Bullying NONE So do we ignore the problem because the establishment do not want to acknowledge the problem?
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Paul Lewis Never ignore problems, my point is the first port of call when a crime is committed MUST be the Police. With regards to the school not "ALLOWING" the Police to investigate a crime ? That is CRAP and certainly is not acceptable.
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Lisa Jayne Green If a child brings a knife into school they should be immediately expelled, and encouraging someone to stab someone should be treated just as seriously 😡
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Rob John I child is never going to Westlands or SCC. I will do my best to get out of these catchment areas!
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Cathryn Bunyan The catchment area changes from year to year. Fulstons cut of the year before last was Bell road 
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Karen S Higgins Fulston is just as bad ... get the police involved like I did and yes the police took it seriously ... the school has no choice but to deal with the incident when they're involved
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Jo Dollimore I have said before and must agree with a previous comment- Mr John whitcombe is the one who needs to be pulled up and questioned. He is it seems one of the untouchables.
For a salary of over £180.00 this man runs a business. He doesn't care about the way the schools are looking after the pupils.
He is just building a little empire that he can Over see with as little connection with the reality of school life as possible.

Interesting read.

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