Sunday, May 14, 2017

1965 I started work

In 1965 I started work at 15 years of age working as a Agricultural Apprentice on Hinge’s Farm Borden. My wage was 11 shillings (Equals £10.25 today) for 45 hour week In 1968 it was 43 hour week £4 (Equals £66.77p today) I then went to Agricultural College for a Year. The state paid for my education and accommodation but my parents had to pay for all my books, transportation and pocket money
After leaving College I had various farming jobs at 20 I married and was earning £10 per week (£151 today) and living in a tired College a year later I was working for a contract crop spraying company on £15 (£225) a week for 60 hour’s and was renting a Council House with a wife and baby. The only help we got from the state was for child allowance THERE was no Housing benefit NO working tax credits yet I still could pay my rent electric, gas, rates and feed my family, admittedly I could not afford a brand new TV, or other luxurious items, expensive holidays etc. in those days we called this “Living with in your means” My generation believed in looking after your own lives rather then the state organising your life which another form of Communism

Luckily at 1971 I became a Professional Judo Coach and my life change

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