Saturday, May 13, 2017

I am not a Fox Lover

I am not a lover of the FOX it is the Mass Murderer of the Animal Kingdom but I do not care whether we have Fox hunting or not. As someone who worked on a Farm when I left school I see the damage a Fox can do, the Fox hunting fraternity suggest that it is way to keep the fox population down. That does not make sense as I know that Fox hunters like to keep a good stock of Foxes which they can hunt plus there are far more efficient way to cull them Gas, flushing them and shooting them.

What I heard the other Day the bunny huggers would not vote Conservative because the PM will allow a vote on the reintroduction of Fox Hunting. Most of those who said this were people who believed in Brexit. Brexit the most important thing this Country will do since World War 2, so these bunny huggers would rather we stay under the EU Dictatorship because they want stop Fox hunting

The ridiculous thing is the majority of MP’s do not want Fox Hunting as do the majority of the Public so the chance of Fox Hunting being reintroduced is NIL.

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