Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Who To Vote For

The Poll results saying that Corbyn could win the election worries me. For obvious reason that he and many of his senior staff support terrorism and in the past welcome the defeat of our British Forces in various armed conflicts, his statement that he will open the doors to even more immigrants most of whom will sponge of the British Tax payer, Yet the argument I hear from people is that then Health Service is failing yet the Conservatives have put more money into the NHS then any other government. The NHS, Police, Schools need more many to a degree that may be true but the major problem is they all have inefficient management and where do we get this extra money. Then the social care entitlement put up by the Conservative has been broadcast as Death Tax what rubbish only 3.5% of the over 65 are in care and why shouldn’t us oldies pay for our care? I bought my house for £25,000 it is now worth £300,000 why shouldn’t that profit go to my care after I die what right have my children to just wait till I die to make money I have earned, They should go and earn it themselves like I did but as good parent if they need financial help I ill give to them BUT while I am alive. The Labour Plans to treble Council Tax will hit everyone young and old. Then their Foxhunting people who voted Brexit have said they would rather vote Labour then vote for a party who allowed Fox Hunting so because of Fox Hunting they would vote for us to stay in the EU are they mad Fox Hunting will never become legal the majority of MP’s and public are against. I could not care less about the Fox but what I do care about is not be under the dictatorship of the EU

You may not agree with me but the most important thing is Brexit and the only party offering a good Brexit deal is the Conservatives, Labour cannot be trusted on Brexit they will come with a deal which will have us remained shackled to the EU. Interesting enough the EU are preparing a European Army, reports are coming in that they want a European Police Force and European Health Care system How much will that cost? He UK would lose control of those organisations, as they would be in the hands of some EU bureaucrat

So once we have a good Brexit get rid of May maybe we will get anti establishment party like UKIP back then we could get rid of all the establishment Parties

Martin Clarke

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