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George's 1st Communion

George 1st Communion

Saturday May 6th 2017 was the day my youngest Grandson George took his 1st Communion at the Roman Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart. In an age where we are inundated with the spread of Islam and Militant Secularism it was great to see that Christians are still practicing their faith and not being intimidated by vicious minority.
All though I believe in the Christian Philosophy and was brought up a Roman Catholic sadly I am not a regular Churchgoer Why? I am lazy not much of an excuse but a truthful one.  The Church was full with only standing room, the celebration of the first communion is very much a family celebration and after the Mass we had a party at the local Church Hall. The Mass was very interesting one thing Father Jim said impressed me “ He welcomed everyone and recognised that not all were Roman Catholic but said that we all worshiped Jesus Christ but some take a different path to reaching him” He went on to say the Unification of all Christian people is not far away.
All my Children Donna, John and Susan were baptised in the Catholic faith but it was Susan who brought her children up in the Catholic faith. What pleased me was that my 17-year-old Grandson Lewis went up to the priest to receive a blessing this pleased me as he will be joining the Navy very soon and I worry about his safety but now I feel he would be looked after.

The Sacred Heart Church has a lot of memories for me: My parents John and Margret were married here in 1948 there funerals was here as was my German Grandmother who spent her last few years in England. My Brother Norman and myself spent our first 16 years attending Mass here and where had a our first communion here along with our confirmation, Valerie and myself were married here, my children Donna, John and Susan were all baptised here. My daughter Susan was married here and here children Poppy and George have been baptised and had their 1st communion at the Church. Without realising it the Church has played an important part in my life

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