Friday, May 05, 2017

Democratic Concern

As a Conservative I am over the moon with our Local Election results and hope this transfer into the General Election so we can have a proper Brexit BUT I do have some concerns that we no longer have a decent opposition. Democracy needs a decent opposition for checks and balances other wise we will end up like South Africa which has become a one party state voted in by the South African Electorate. Both Labour and LibDems are not an opposition, any more which worries me, and I cannot see them rallying for at least a decade.

Although I did not vote UKIP I am a great fan of Nigel Farage and without him and UKIP we would never had a Referendum, he should be knighted. There demise at the elections is a disappointment but I realise their Raison d'etre has finished BUT the other 3 parties are part of the establishment the big thing about UKIP was that they were anti establishment lets hope after the General Election UKIP re-branded maybe drop the word Independence and become UKP. The UK needs more then just the Establishment Parties and we need an opposition

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