Friday, May 05, 2017

Blue Bloods

Over recent Months I have really got into the US Programme “Blue Bloods”. This a TV Cop programme situated in New York it revolves around the Reagan Family of Police Officers The Lead role is Tom Selleck as the Police Commissioner his father who he lives with was an ex Police Commissioner, he had 3 sons all Police Officers one was killed on duty his daughter is Assistant District Attorney he also has 3 grandchildren. The story line is excellent but it is the Family interest I like. The family are of Irish descent and are practising Catholics who meet every Sunday Dinner, the meal starts with a prayer after they have been to Mass. The Dinner table is a real discussion group where all have there say. It is really going against the PC trend none are Gay, none are Alcoholics, non are druggies, non are transsexuals they come across as a Family who believe in Christian Family values who believe in Morals and ethics. What has surprised me is that it has not been banned by the Lefties one thing is sure there would never be an equivalent on British TV. Have watch you will enjoy it that is if you are not a Lefty Luvvies

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