Tuesday, December 12, 2006

£190 to cross channel

Last weekend I travelled to Germany to see relatives and visit Europe’s largest Christmas fair in Dortmund. The fair was marvellous and I recommend anyone to attend in fact it was more then a fair it was a spectacular, the main thing I noticed was the presentation nice wooden huts big bar areas a stage everything decked out in greener, English markets could learn a lot from the Germans.
A couple of things annoyed me why is it in Europe I pay 66p per litre for diesel and in the UK I pay 97p? Why is diesel considerably cheaper then petrol in Europe yet in the UK it is dearer?
I originally booked a ferry for the crossing which cost £85 return because of the very bad weather I cancelled and was charged a £30 cancellation fee no problem with that, so booked to go on the Euro Tunnel this cost £190, if Euro Tunnel want to make money, which through bad management they are not doing, they need to encourage people to use the tunnel these prices put people off. I for one will think twice about travelling again with them, plus they have an automated check in system which causes havoc and long queues on both sides of the channel, you are told to arrive ½ before departure to book in reality you have to be there 1 hour before because it took us ½ hour to go through check in. As for security there is none my daughter went with an out of date passport and it was not checked properly either side.
Queuing and long delays are common today the excuse being security but I wonder if it is just inefficiency and understaffing.

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