Friday, December 01, 2006

Gaunt on TalkSport

No I am not a sports fan but I do listen to TalkSport Radio 1086 medium wave especially between 10am till 1pm where John Gaunt or GAUNTY as he likes to call himself, it is a really good show. Although I agree with hime most of the time just lately he is becoming the same as a lot of other journalist who continujally tell us "How marvelous the Eastern Europen workers are and how lazy the British workers are" tell me that 2 yaers ago I may have agreed with him. Like him I believe in what the USA does with regard to what I believe they call "Work Fair" Refuse to work no dole. Yet the cheap labour from the Eastern block is affecting genuine British Workers, my own Son in Law had to take a £40 a day drop in pay, his job as an odd carrier was usually around £120 a day now it is £80. He has left the firm who now pay £50 a day because Eastern Europeans will work for that money. The problem is most firms have now dropped there daily pay to £80 he is £200 a week worse of then he was two years ago but he still has to pay the bills. This is repeated all over the country most people in the biulding industry will tell you they earnt more money under Maggie Thatcher then they do now. As for their standard of work at best it is shoddy, I have been to Poland, Russia and Bulgaria I have seen there work. The government keep telling us that immigrants benefit the country well they certainly benefit Company Directors, share holders and people in large houses who get labour on the cheap but once again it is the ordnary man in the street who suffers and we supposed to have a government of the people!

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